Tuesday, July 3, 2012

GoLang talks and tutorials - videos

Google Dev, 2012: Getting started with Go, Andrew Gerrand
Boston GDG, 2012: A Tour of Go - interfaces, reflection, and concurrency. Builds a toy web crawler to demonstrate these, Russ Cox (Q&A page)
A Hangout, 2012: Building Go Apps on App Engine, Johan Euphrosine, Andrew Gerrand

Google IO, 2012: Go Concurrency Patterns, Rob Pike
Google IO, 2012: Meet the Go Team, Andrew Gerrand, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson,
Google IO, 2012: Go In Production, representatives of companies using Go in production
Google IO, 2012: Computing Map Tiles with Go on AppEngine, Andrew Gerrand

GoSF, 2012: 10 Things You Probably didn't know about Go; Writing a Shell in Go; Less is More, Andrew Gerrand, Evan Shaw, Rob Pike
(Presentation: 10 things you probably didn't know about Go)

OSDC, 2011: Go - it’s that simple?!, Andrew Gerrand
GTUG Sydney, 2011: Lexical Scanning in Go, Rob Pike
GTUG Sydney, 2011: Cuddle, A Go AppEngine Demo, Andrew Gerrand
Google IO, 2011: Writing Web Apps in Go, Andrew Gerrand, Rob Pike
I/O BootCamp, 2011: Real World Go, Andrew Gerrand
FOSDEM, 2011: Practical Go Programming, Andrew Gerrand

Stanford University, 2010: Another Go at Language Design, Rob Pike,
Oscon, 2010: public static void, Rob Pike,
Google IO, 2010: Go Programming session, Rob Pike,

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  1. Don't forget the many great articles on golang.org!

    1. http://golang.org/doc/#articles

    2. http://golang.org/ref/#articles


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